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School Meals

Our school meals are very good. Hot meals are freshly prepared and cooked on site by Dolce Ltd who constantly strive to maintain and improve the high standard of preparation and presentation.

We have a daily choice of 3 healthy nutritionally balanced meals of hot food or a sandwich/wrap. Meals are served through a cafeteria style service with pupils called in for lunch on different sittings, with a rota for classes to go first.  

Children are encouraged to be polite, considerate towards each other, display good table manners and to have a happy lunch time. To help in the smooth running of the meals service we ask for your cooperation in teaching your children to behave and eat sensibly as would be expected in a good restaurant.  

Children with special medical needs concerning diet can also be catered for.

Please contact school for further information on this service if relevant to you and we will gladly discuss the matter with you and/or your medical adviser.  Parents pay dinner money directly to Dolce Ltd by either direct debit or card payment.

School is unable to accept cash or cheques for payment of meals.  

If you think you may be entitled to free school meals, please contact the Benefits Service at Rotherham Borough Council on 01709 336066.  Entitlement to free school meals is confirmed by the local authority and follows the practice of granting free meals to those in receipt of Income Support. We will give confidential advice and assistance in the process of application. Be assured that no distinction is made between children receiving free meals and those paying for meals. If in doubt, please ask for our help - we are only too willing to discuss matters with you. 




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