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Ocelots (3YJ)

Welcome to the Ocelots! (Class 3YJ)

Welcome to Kiveton Park Meadows Junior School! It is going to be a fabulous year of fun, adventure and learning for the Ocelots! We have lots of fabulous learning to do in all of our subjects!

Our Class Theme and Class Pet

We are the Ocelots! Ocelots are medium sized wild cats that live in the rainforests of South and Central America. We have a very special ocelot in our class - he is called Olly! Olly loves to spend time with the star of the week! Olly likes to have fun, but also loves to learn. He'll be looking for someone who is just like him! If you have worked hard in class, tried your best and taken care of those around you, you might get to take Olly home! You'll need to keep him entertained and write a diary entry about all of your fabulous adventures together. Olly can also sit with you in school for the following week!

Spring Term - On the Move

In Geography we are developing our understanding of the UK and our map skills. We have briefly recapped the countries and capital cities of the UK and are learning about counties (with a particular focus on our local counties and counties which the children have been to). In RE, we are learning about why Christians believe Jesus was a good teacher and the messages that he has taught. In Science, we are learning all about Animals, Including Humans. This covers ideas like diet, vertebrates and invertebrates, carnivores, herbivores and omnivores as what is inside our body. In literacy, we have used books by Anthony Browne (Zoo and Gorilla) as the basis for our writing. We have started a daily story too, which alongside the toast break, is proving enormously popular!

Autumn Term - Stone Age to the Romans

This term we have two periods of history to learn about - the Stone Age and the Romans. We are going to get started with the wonderful book, "Ug: Boy Genius of the Stone Age." We learn that Ug has many learning behaviours that we look for at our school, but those around him are not too impressed...Our art work will look at sketching of flint tools, making our own hand-print and animal cave paintings and work based on Stonehenge. We will learn lots about mixing paint, primary and secondary colours. 


After the holidays, we have begun learning about the Romans! We took our field trip to Clifton Park Museum - you can see the photos below! We have learned about the Roman Empire, why the Romans came to Britain and have much more to come! In art, we have learned about Roman mosaics. We have made our own mosaics too. 


We have been reading a lovely book called Orion and the Dark and used this as the basis of much of our literacy work. 


Our PE days have changed for the Summer term to Monday and Wednesday. Both sessions are outdoors. Especially on warm days, you might want a water bottle and a baseball cap. We will be doing cricket and tennis. 


Our PE days this term are Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. In the first Autumn half term, we will be doing football and cross country. In the second Autumn half term its matball and dance. Please remember your PE (including outdoor trainers), to tape up earrings if you wear them and a bobble for long hair. We do PE in most weather (don't worry, we do stop when it gets too rainy, but not if it's cold) so please dress accordingly. Please note, our outdoor session has changed to Thursday afternoon.

Science - Investigating the best medium for growing cress seeds 24/6/22

Planting our tomato plants in the biodome 24/6/22

Science lesson on investigating properties of rocks and sorting rocks

Science - Seed Dispersal. We followed up our lesson by trying to find different examples of wind and animal dispersal (sadly no fire or explosion dispersal!)

PHSE - Role-playing calling the emergency services (19/5/22)

DT Fruit Skewers

Learning about parts of a plant and their functions - 25/04/22

Intra-School Orienteering Competition

Poetry Slam - 6/4/22

Still image for this video
We were very proud of Tigger group, who represented our class at the school's annual poetry slam!

Making a pond and looking at snowdrops and daffodils

Handling chicks - 11/3/22

Estimating and measuring in metres

Science: Virtual T-Shirt - learning about the skeletal system. (11/2/22)

Music: To Stop the Train

Holocaust Memorial Day - A fire of remembrance and reflection to light up the world when it is dark (27/1/22)

Music Video - The video is too big to upload here, but head over to our google classroom to see it!

Acting out the Battle for Gaul

3YJ Christmas Songs - Head over to google classroom to watch. Unfortunately they are too big to put on this website. 

Orion and the Dark Book Reviews

Still image for this video
On 6/1/21, we used the iPADs to create video book reviews! Unfortunately only the first 30seconds saved, but here is an example of the work we did.