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Parents Charter

Rotherham Charter for Parent and Child Voice


Over the next two years the school will be trying to achieve the Parent Charter Mark. Mr. Parkinson will be leading the project and will be working with the School Council, Parents and staff to achieve the mark. Below is some information on the principles of the charter and there is also a link if you would like to view the full document.

The Charter principles ask Rotherham schools and services to care, include, communicate and work in partnership with parents, children and young people. Essential to each of these principles is the core principle of trust.

These principles were developed out of research interviews with children with additional needs in Rotherham, and their parents, later to extend to all parents and children in Rotherham. This research showed that although there is much good practise in Rotherham schools and services, they can do even better.

The development of the Charter was funded by the Department for Education (DfE). It came out of one of six Innovative Practise Projects funded nationally following the publication of the Lamb Inquiry: Special Educational Needs and Parental Confidence. The work in Rotherham has been highly acclaimed by Brian Lamb OBE, and the DfE. It is considered to be national best practise by the Council for Disabled Children and has been adopted by Rotherham MBC Children and Young People’s Services as good practise all schools should be adopting in order to involve all their children and all their parents in helping the school community improve.

The research identified that it is small changes that can make big differences to the wellbeing of parents and children. We would like you to help us know what changes we need to make to help things get even better in our school for you and your child.