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Hamlet - Children's Festival 2014

Dear teachers and students of Kiveton Park Meadows and Wath our Lady,

Congratulations on your incredible performance of Hamlet yesterday!

You were so professional both on stage and off. It was an absolute  
pleasure to work with you all and see your final performance that was  
a moving, emotional, funny and slick piece of theatre. You are as good  
as any professional actors that I have seen performing Hamlet!

I am proud of you all and hope that you feel proud of yourselves! I am  
sure that the school and your parents thought you were amazing too!

I think that your teachers deserve a HUGE round of applause now! Go  
for it! Give them a cheer! They have worked really hard to help you  
understand and perform Hamlet and it is thanks to them that you got to  
take part.

Break a leg today Kiveton Park Meadows for your performance today  
(don't actually break a leg, we use this term in the theatre to wish  
people luck, it's weird, I know).

You are all fabulous darlings!

Lots of love and thanks,

Kat and the team

Katherine Fletcher
Community Director
Open Minds Theatre Company