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Kiveton Park Meadows Junior School

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We would greatly appreciate past pupils sharing their memories of the school and any old photos they may have.  Please email these to the school, as we would love to keep in touch.

Mark Brookes 

Years at school: 1990 to 1996

Grown up and had a family and now my two children attend this school 

General Memories: Reading with the teaching assistant Mrs clough

Memories of Teachers: The head teacher Mr Madley and Mr Barber

Kevin Bennett (was b)

Years at school: 1964 to 1968


General Memories: I remember Kiveton Junior school in both of it’s locations, where it is now and where the current infants school is located. I remember we used to play football and fly kites on the field where the Meadows was built and the ffield opposite where the high school is, was then a corn field.
When the meadows school was brand new and only just completed I was in one of the senior classes, just a couple of terms away from leaving for Dinnington High school. Our class was allowed into the school weeks before it actually opened, we sort of helped move some of the stuff from the old school into the new one. Our teacher at the time was Mrs Eadenbrow, the headmaster was Mr Outram. The majority of my time was spent in the old school. After transferring from across the road in the infants ( Now the youth centre ) my first teacher in the juniors was Miss Crawford, we then moved into Mr Byrnes class, he was fabulous as we seemed to do nothing other than play football in the play ground or go on nature walks down by the canal. My next teacher was Mrs Bradley she lived in a bungalow next to Wales Primary school and was an ardent fan of Sheffield Wednesday, she also had a thing for growing Bizzie lizzies, all the window bottoms in the class room had a Bizzie lizzie plant in them. We all took turns to water them. Mrs Bradley was very firm, but very fair and to this day I always say that she really taught us how to write properly, how to form our letters and how to join it all up, we spent hours and hours writing individual letters and then practicing handwriting. During my time in Mrs Bradley’s class we all had to enter a drawing competition which was being held for all pupils in Rotherham Schools, this was a drawing to be done in wax crayon and low and behold I went and won it, for which I received a 7 shilling and 6 penny book token for Smiths. In the last couple of years Mr Byrne ran a school football team in which I played. We only played three games, we played St.John’s Worksop on their ground and drew 1-1 scoring our only goal, the return which we played on Kiveton Park FC ground we lost 8-0 and then we played Wales, at Wales and we won 5-3 I didn’t start this match but as a substitute I came on and scored two. Our shirts were black and white stripes although they were quite old and had been used for many years and after countless washes were more like dark grey and white. They were made from quite a thick cotton with a button up neck, small collar and button up cuffs. Infact I still have my football shirt after all these years (50) I look back on my time at Kiveton Infants and in particular Juniors as the happier times of my school life. Lovely teachers and fellow pupils, many who have gone on to become lifelong friends. Thank You Kiveton Juniors.

Kind Regards
Kevin Bennett.