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Bengal Tigers (6JP)

Picture 1 Mrs Pacheco - Class Teacher
Picture 2 Mr Tricklebank - Class T.A
Picture 3 Mrs Parker - Cover Class Teacher

Welcome to The Bengal Tigers (6JP)

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Summer Term 2020

School Closure 2020 due to Covid-19 


Message from Mrs Pacheco


I hope you are all staying at home and keeping yourselves busy.  Mr T. and I think about you everyday and hope you are all keeping well.  We miss you all and we are looking forward to seeing you again. Try to give yourselves a goal to achieve each day as well as doing something to make you smile and feel happy.


After the Easter holiday it will be the summer term, so I thought I would give you some suggestions or learning that we would have done had we been in school. 


Geography -  We were going to learn about South America - If you have access to the internet try researching the human and physical characteristics of South America; the climate, settlements and economic activities.

Terrestrial Biomes - Amazon Rainforest, volcanoes.

Science - We would like you to learn about Evolution and inheritance. Try researching Charles Darwin and HMS Beagle, the Galapagos Islands. Ask your parents if you can watch David Attenborough's Galapagos.

RE - Religions in the local community; find out about the different religions and places of worship in Kiveton and the area around Rotherham.

Art - Images based on the rain forest, look at the painting of Henri Rousseau 

PE - Athletics - Be inventive, see what athletics you can do in your back garden.


Don't forget to keep up with your TT Rock Stars and Bedrock.


Enterprise  2020

From the moment you came into my class many of you already had ideas or your enterprise crafts and stalls. Why not design a product and if you can, make a prototype.


See the pages below for learning activities to go with the different subjects.


Year 6 Reading Challenge