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Bengal Tigers (6JP)

Welcome to The Bengal Tigers (6JP)

Bengal Tigers

This year we have a new class name - Bengal Tigers. I’m looking forward to us learning about this magnificent animal and its habitat. Perhaps you would like to find out lots of fascinating facts to bring to show me on our first day back at school in September. 

Recently, I sketched a picture of a tiger and really enjoyed doing it - why don’t you draw or paint a picture of a tiger too? I will give diligence dots to children who bring research and/or pictures to show me in September. 

Meet Tora the Tiger! Tora is our new class mascot. He will be sitting in our room waiting for you to come and learn as he’s excited to watch you work and do amazing things. Tora will help me choose a ‘Star of the Week’ every Friday. Your first challenge is to work out why I’ve named our tiger Tora.

Hello Bengal Tigers,

I’m very excited about our year together and I’m looking forward to greeting you all in September when you return to school. 


We have lots of exciting learning waiting for us; a great history topic which will involve you becoming history detectives. You will learn about life during WW1 and how it affected the lives of people living in our area at that time. 

We will also be learning about the heart and the circulatory system in science.

Many of you know that I love singing and playing the piano; you’re going to learn to write rhythms and compose music yourself.


If you would like to do some research during your summer holiday then try to find out about Kiveton back in 1914 - 1918. Perhaps you could find places around the village where you can learn about the past. You could take photos or draw a picture. If it’s raining and you can’t get outside there is a great website where you can learn about Kiveton. 


I love reading and hope you do too. Right now I’m reading a fantastic book called The Boy at the Back of the Classroom. When you return to school please tell me about a book you’ve read this summer. 


Being active is very important and great fun too. This year (hopefully we’ll have some dry, sunny days) try to do lots of walking, cycling and other sports. When you are in school in September we’ll start by doing cross country and running/walking a mile. Our PE days will be on Monday and Tuesday when you will be required to come to school dressed in your PE Kit.


If you would like to make a scrapbook of your summer activities I would love to see it in September. 
However you spend your summer, stay safe, have fun and look forward to being in Year 6 - it’s going to be great! 

Mrs Pacheco

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