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Harpy Eagles (5NP)

Welcome to The Harpy Eagles (5NP)!

Picture 1 Mr Pacheco - Teacher
Picture 2 Mrs Smith - T.A

Our Class Theme

Our class theme this year is 'Star Wars'.  We are joined this year by our class mascot, Albert and his pal Biggles  Children who make it to Star of the Week have the opportunity to take Biggles home for the weekend. 




Summer Term 2020

School Closure 2020 due to Covid-19 


Message from Mr Pacheco


I hope you are all staying at home and keeping yourselves busy.  I hope you are enjoying making videos, keeping up with the Joe Wicks morning workout.


After the Easter holiday it will be the summer term, so I thought I would give you some suggestions or learning that we would have done had we been in school. These are in addition to the learning activities that can be found on our 'Useful Links' page under the community tab.


Geography -  We were going to learn about Filey - Study of coastal location. Compare Filey with a coastal state in North America (California). Study Earthquakes.

Science - We would like you to learn about materials and their properties.  How can you sort different materials. Can you identify which materials are man made or natural. Carry out some fair test investigations and make a cool bag. Can you describe the different states of matter and how substances change state.

RE - Why are there over 50 mosques in Yorkshire?

Art - Turner’s seascapes, depiction of “light”. Use of colour to depict light, water, waves. Complementary colours

PE - Athletics and cricket - Be inventive, see what athletics you can do in your back garden.


Don't forget to keep up with your TT Rock Stars and Bedrock.


Bottle Rockets

On 19th May 2020 we were going to be launching our bottle rockets.  If you have made one, you might want to use mentos and coke as rocket fuel and see how high your rocket will fly.


See the pages below for learning activities to go with the different subjects.


Our Homework
Children need to make sure that they read at home at least 5 days every week, but as a personal challenge children could aim to read for 6 or even 7 days a week. Children will have a book from our Reading Challenge to try and achieve the bronze, silver and gold awards. 
Every Friday children will have a spelling and times tables test.  Children will then have new spellings to learn for their test the following Friday.

Children will have a homework grid from which they can chose a piece of homework to complete.  They will have two weeks to complete their chosen piece of homework.

Have you seen the Kids' Zone? Play games, and visit some cool websites. You can vote for your favourites!

P.E Days - Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday.  If your child wears ear-rings, please ensure that they are removed, covered with first aid tape or please provide your child with first aid tape to cover the ear-rings themselves. Staff are not allowed to remove them or apply tape to cover them.
I have set up a google classroom where you can access the learning for our topic for the summer term.  Please click on the link for the instructions on how to join our classroom using the code your parents received by text.

Year 5 Reading Challenge

Instructions for making a bottle rocket.