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Kiveton Park Meadows Junior School

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Spring Topic: Our Living Planet

This term our main topic focuses on science and the theme of 'Our Living Planet '. 


During the first half of the Spring term we are looking at habitats and a focus on mini beats. So far the children have been on a mini beast hunt, created a fact file based on their favourite mini beast and created a classification key to inform you about different habitats and animals. 


Also, the children have created fantastic observational drawings of leaves which have been accurately drawn, shaded and labelled with all the different features. A selection of these can be found on our topic display board. 


After conducting our litter enquiry the children were shocked at the amount of litter they found and its potential impact on the environment and mini beasts living in the school grounds. The children all felt very strongly about this and gave excellent opinions and suggestions on how to prevent litter. 


During Spring 2 the children have studied the digestive system and created a fact file and a video to explain the different processes our body goes through when digesting food. 


However, we also took our learning of the human body further and conducted an experiment into tooth decay. The children created a fair test using egg shells to see which liquid caused the most decay over 7 days. After making predictions the results were rather surprising!