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Kiveton Park Meadows Junior School

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What to expect...

Every Monday morning, the children will be set their new spellings and times tables for the week.  Work will be done in school to help assist the children learn these, however, the children should spend around 10 minutes every night to keep practicing them.

To see how the children have done with their spellings and times tables practice,  the children will have a test every Friday morning in class.  They will be able to mark their work afterwards and find out how many they have got right.  


On a Monday, the children will also be set either some spelling or grammar homework.


On a Wednesday, the children will be given some reading comprehension homework to do.  This homework is quite short (it should take approximately 15 minutes) but it will require the children to read through the text carefully and use it to answer a range of comprehension questions. 


Every fortnight (on the Thursday prior to Friday Write), the children will receive some talking homework.  Please discuss this with your child and get them to jot down some notes to help them with their writing. 


Every Friday, the children will either have an arithmetic paper  or a mental maths paper homework, where they will be able to practise their mental and written mathematics skills. Children will be required to answer the questions in their homework books and hand these in by Wednesday morning every week.


In addition to the above, your child should spend a short amount of time every night to practise their spellings and times tables and also read their book.