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Kiveton Park Meadows Junior School

We take care, we show care.


Welcome to Class 5YJ

Welcome to Kiveton Park Meadows Junior School! It is going to be a fabulous year of fun, adventure and learning! Get ready for incredible field trips, wonderful topics and fascinating facts! We want to hear your ideas about everything, so don't be shy and get yourself ready!

Picture 1 Our teacher is Mr James
Picture 2 Mrs Spencer - Class T.A

Our Class Theme

Our class theme is "Climbing High". In 3YJ we have been joined by our class mascot, Koko! Koko likes to have fun, but also loves to learn. He'll be looking for someone who is just like him. If you have worked hard in class, tried your best and taken care of those around you, you might get to take Koko home! You'll need to keep him entertained and write a diary entry about all of your fabulous adventures together. 

Autumn Term - Stone Age to the Romans

This term we have two periods of history to learn about - the Stone Age and the Romans. We are going to get started with the wonderful book, "Ug: Boy Genius of the Stone Age." We learn that Ug has many learning behaviours that we look for at our school, but those around him are not too impressed...Our art work will look at sketching of flint tools, making our own hand-print cave paintings and work based on Stonehenge. We are going on a trip to the Lunt Roman Fort. Be careful, there are rampaging Celts around and you won't be allowed into the safety of the fort without the password!


Our PE days this term are Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please bring a suitable kit on each of these days. Remember that we do outdoor PE throughout the winter and a bit of light rain will not stop us! Dress accordingly to make sure you enjoy these sessions.